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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For a long time I resisted all things technical, that is I wouldn’t use the computer unless I absolutely needed to. Sending or just replying to a text message was torture, I avoided it at all costs. I was proud of being old fashioned. I would say, “I like to make a phone call, you know, speak to someone instead of texting,” to avoid having to use technology.

Being ill for so long spending a lot of time bedridden, you begin to feel isolated. This went on for a long time. You begin to lose touch. My primary focus was finding out what was wrong with me and getting better. You don’t feel like communicating just being on your own.

Then one day a dear friend suggested the ipad would be something I might like as I’m very visual. She knew of my magazine and book addiction and the library I had built to house them. She introduced me to blogging, actually just one blog. I came home and immediately went online. I had no idea how long I was on there for, it only dawned on me when I noticed it had got dark. I was hooked! When did all this happen, I asked myself. Where have I been? I always heard people say, “check it out on my blog” I didn’t know what they were talking about and had always been too embarrassed to ask. A whole new world was opening up to me.

Now I have my health back and feeling more myself, I am constantly being asked how I overcame my illness. I had lost 20 kgs. My friends are amazed at my recovery and say I look better than ever. I can tell you I’ve never felt better in my entire life. I’m more than happy to share how I live my life and the positive impact all this has had on my family's over all health and well being.

Now I know what a blog is, I am here. I'm so happy you popped in!


  1. What a gorgeous photo! Congratulations on starting your blog & publishing your first post :D Happy blogging :) Some writing vibes sent to you from the Netherlands :)

  2. thank you for your kind words of encouragement

  3. Bernadette, wonderful to see you up posting your first blog post. It looks beautiful and it's been very nice to be part of it too. Thank you. I am sure you will enjoy where it takes you, what it brings and all the people you'll meet along the way. Have fun :)Suzi

  4. Thanks Suzi for all your help I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to our next lesson.


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